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Memorial Day Message from the NGBAA Board

28 May 2018 00:00 | Michael Ford (Administrator)

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A Marine is pictured. | AP Photo

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On this fourth Monday in May, we pause to remember each who has fallen in Service to our Great Nation.  What distinguishes this day from Veterans' Day is the manner in which we observe, the manner in which we mark, and the manner in which we celebrate.  Many of our Minutemen have given their lives on the field of battle, and so very few of those battles have been waged within the boundaries of our own shores.  Great cemeteries around the world are now hallowed ground and a final resting place for Americans who stood their watch for our Freedom. 

So many Americans equate Memorial day as the unofficial start of Summer, and yet another reason for tossing a burger on the barbeque.  But amid the celebration of this long weekend, and on behalf of the officers of the National Guard Bureau Alumni Association, I ask that you join me in pausing on Monday, 28 May, to raise your glass in a toast of thanks for the magnificent service each of our fallen have rendered.  Fondest 

wishes for a safe, restful, and reflective Memorial Day.

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